• Therapy and Skill Acquisition Tracking and Analysis

    BIPTrack is the next generation of ABA, OT, SLP, and PT software!

    Frustrated by paper-based and rigid digital systems? BIPTrack combines intuitive tools into one comprehensive portal. Users collect, analyze, and report on applied behavior analysis, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language pathology progress data in real time.

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    BIPTrack works on any device with an internet connection and fully supports offline data collection.
    BIPTrack works on any device with an internet connection and fully supports offline data collection.
  • Track Behaviors to reduce, behaviors to increase, and neutral behaviors BIPTrack can track progress across BIP, IEP, Academic, and any other type of goals. Save frequently accessed graphs and embed them within reports Update graphs in reports with a single click!

    Evidence-Based Goal Management

    BIPTrack can track progress accross BIP, IEP, Academic, and any other type of goals.

    Spend less time with your data and more time with your clients! Empower behavior analysts, therapists, paraprofessionals, administrators, teachers, and parents with proven, efficient tools that scale to fit their needs.

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    BIPTrack has a powerful data graphing engine
  • BIPTrack is a 2020 EDTECH Cool Tool Award Winner!

    2020 EDTECH Award Winner!

    BIPTrack Was the 2020 EDTECH Award Winner in the "Cool Tool" category!

    The EdTech Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

    BIPTrack is a 2020 EDTECH Cool Tool Award Winner!
  • Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency

    HIPAA-compliant environment with advanced communications

    BIPTrack uses adaptable, role-based authentication with secure communications and encrypted information storage to reduce liability and boost productivity. Increase staff caseload without increasing workload while virtually eliminating the need for FERPA requests!

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    BIPTrack utilizes HIPAA-Complaint information security
    BIPTrack utilizes HIPAA-Complaint information security
  • Fast and Easy Implementation

    Built-in content simplifies workflow

    Our library of customizable ABA, SLP, OT, PT, and academic trackables, skill acquisition programs, and task analysis programs allow you to launch a new client within minutes.

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    Implement BIPTrack with your clients quickly using our fully customizable trackables and programs!
    Implement BIPTrack with your clients quickly using our fully customizable trackables and programs!
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BIPTrack Therapy and Skill Program Data Management
BIPTrack simplifies data collection, skill program instruction, and reporting processes for therapists, teachers, and parents.
BIPTrack works inside the web browser of any device with an internet connection.
Effective intervention plans help decrease behavior problems by identifying and addressing their causes. IEPs and 504 plans should include strategies that can be used to successfully navigate the world, including replacement behaviors and rewards.
BIPTrack provides a comprehensive, flexible portal where behavior analysts, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, administrators, teachers, aides, and parents can securely collaborate. The team can collect, view, and report real-time therapy and skill data to monitor goal progress. All data is fully annotated and immediately available for visual analysis, helping to identify antecedents. Integrated reporting tools allows users to import collected data and commentary into supervision notes with a single click. Daily notes are automatically generated.

Offline tracking is fully supported! BIPTrack uses the web browser of any internet-connected device, but don't worry if you lose coverage because BIPTrack will automatically switch to an offline mode, resyncing data easily when reconnected.
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BIPTrack has an advanced survey system
Studies show that those who engage in regular self-assessment are more likely to take ownership of their behaviors and less likely to blame outside forces, helping them to better understand their own triggers, develop internal attributions, and empower them with a sense of autonomy.
BIPTrack offers customizable self-evaluations, including such options as agreement confirmation between client and observer.

Self Evaluation Features
Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program by Mark L.Sundberg, Ph.D, BCBA-D

The primary focus of an intervention program for children with autism should be on the development of effective language skills. However, language is complex, and the professional literature contains a vast array of theories, opinions, and views as to how to analyze, assess, and teach language. BIPTrack offers a fully integrated Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP).

The VB-MAPP is a criterion-referenced assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill tracking system that is designed for children with autism, and other individuals who demonstrate language delays. The VB-MAPP was created by Mark Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D and is based on B.F. Skinner's (1957) analysis of verbal behavior, established developmental milestones, and research from the field of behavior analysis.

Integrated VB-MAPP Features
Integrated Assessments
Run an assessment with a client, establish baseline data, and automatically generate reports with placement recommendations all from within the BIPTrack environment. Assessments can be re-run as needed to monitor and track client progress.

Take VB-MAPP data, view reports and graph multi-assessment progress
Collect, manage, and report therapy and IEP goal data
Collect, Manage, and Report
BIPTrack's therapy data, skill acquisition, and task analysis tracking capabilities enables users to collect a wide range of data types. Users can build their own trackables and programs or customize those provided in the integrated library to fit any data-tracking need.
  • Skill Acquisition Programs
  • Task Analysis Programs
  • IEP/Academic Goal Data
  • Behaviors to Reduce
  • Behaviors to Increase
  • ABC Data
  • Reinforcement Rewards
  • Duration(s)
  • Frequency / Interval Data
  • Rubric
  • Independence
  • IOA Data
  • Data Collection Features
    Reporting Features
    Graphic Vizualizations Features
    BIPTrack is HIPAA-Compliant
    Secure Environment
    BIPTrack minimizes risk and liability by creating a secure environment to warehouse private client information. BIPTrack is a flexible, HIPAA-compliant, multi-level, role-based user-authenticated environment with encrypted storage.

    Clinicians, administrators, teachers, parents, and other collaborators access data collection tools, reports, clinic notes, assessments, discussions, and supporting documents within the portal. User access to data and client information is controllable. Users can upload resources into BIPTrack and define who can view them. And because all communications and documentation surrounding a client are held within the portal, FERPA requests are mostly unnecessary.

    Security & Messaging Features
    What People Are Saying

    5 stars

    Our team recently started using BIPTrack. With just a couple of hours manpower to set up each client, our staff were able to begin using BIPTrack for collecting session data, writing and sharing the SOAP/session note, documenting supervision notes, and summarizing clinical team meetings. We have tried other data collection programs and none can do all the things that BIPTrack does. We are so happy to move from pencil and paper data collection and hand-graphing!

    Executive Director of Applied Behavioral Strategies

    BIPTrack is a fantastic platform! VB-MAPP App for Ipad, iPhone and Web and VB-MAPP are super excited to have another partner in our shared community where we strive to best help the students we serve. Dr. Sundberg's VB-MAPP Assessment is an instrumental component of early intervention for persons with ASD. Well done!

    Steve Maher
    Manages VB-MAPP App for Ipad, iPhone and Web

    After years of searching and trying a variety of ABA tracking software systems, BIPTrack has finally allowed us to switch over from paper and pencil to an online data tracking system.

    Sara H
    BCBA, Regional Clinical Director

    BIPTrack is great. I am a BT, and find it very helpful during my sessions.

    Behavior Therapist
    Easton Country Day School

    I love that my son's educational team is using BIPTrack! The easy-to-read daily notes have been a wonderful tool to help me talk to my son about his day. I feel more involved in his education and daily experience now, and I love that I can see the progress he's making toward his goals.


    BIPTrack is a comprehensive system designed to meet the needs of the provider rather than requiring the provider to adjust practices to meet the capabilities of the system. The accessibility and responsiveness of the development team has allowed for constant and ongoing modifications and system growth to keep up with company-wide and client-/supervisor-specific preferences. From our BT's to our directors, we could not be happier with our transition to BIPTrack.

    BCBA, Regional Clinical Director
    Try BIPTrack For Free
    Try BIPTrack For Free
    You can register for a free trial in our BIPTrack Sandbox Environment.

    The BIPTrack Sandbox comes pre-loaded with simulated clients and their historical behavior and skill tracking data with reports. Registration includes simulated accounts for supervisors, behavior analysts, and parents with the ability to easily switch between each user perspective. Every Sandbox trial is personal and fully functional. A walk-through Guide is included to get you started.

    If you prefer to try BIPTrack with your own staff & clients, a free trial in the live BIPTrack system can be arranged- Just ask!

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